Max Cooper – Identity

Max Cooper’s ‘Identity’ explores how the digital self is bombarded by news, ideals and value judgements. Directed by Eugene Pylinsky, the video composes eye-popping graphics alongside QR codes and bar codes to trace the influence of informational environment around us.

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Max Cooper says: “Finding our identity amongst the barrage of incoming ideas is a difficult thing. Family, religion, nationality, friends, press, politics, socials, what’s right, wrong, acceptable, reprehensible, cool or not, so many things trying to make us think and behave in a certain way. And often at odds with each other, with us left in the middle of it, trying to figure out who WE are.”

Eugene Pylinsky says: “All of us come under the influence of informational environment around us. It impacts us, shapes us and opens up our personality. We both find and lose ourselves in it.”

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