Fag Hag
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Fag Hag

Directed by Damion Dietz
Starring Stephanie Orff, Damion Dietz, Saadia Billman, Wil Wheaton

Fag Hag is the touching inspirational story of how two hopeless no-talent losers find each other in a cruel world, and through the strength of their deep bond are empowered to become two hopeless no-talent losers. Featuring a tour de force performance cameo by Wil Wheaton (Stand by Me, TV’s Star Trek: Next Generation) as a Christian bookstore manager, Fag Hag pays homage to John Waters while launching a bold new message to the gay community. The film is set in Hope Springs, CA where we meet Destiny Rutt (Stephanie Orff; RESPECT MY ASS), a pathological liar and last place shoe-in for the first annual Miss Hope Springs Pageant. When Destiny meets Scott Bushey — a gay drifter whose ambition is to make it big as the worlds first white HIV-positive rap star “T-Cell”, the two make fast friends and resolve “to take this town of outdated gay guys by storm!”

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