Vice: A Prayer for Uganda / Kidneyville

Virulent homophobia is on the rise in Uganda. In 2014, the Ugandan President signed into law the infamous “Anti-Homosexuality Bill,” which in its original version went as far as mandating the death penalty just for being gay. After an international outcry, the entire law was struck down. But now, a new version of the bill is in the works. Isobel Yeung travels to Uganda to meet some of the anti-gay leaders teaching intolerance to Uganda’s youth, and uncovers disturbing ties between their message and the lessons that American fundamentalists have been pushing for years.

Then: There are more than 100,000 people in dire need of a kidney transplant in the United States. More than four thousand of them could die this year while languishing on waiting lists. But for those willing to turn to the black market, a trip to the slums of Bangladesh might get them just about any organ they need. Vikram Gandhi goes to Dhaka to explore the thriving illegal market for kidneys, and to see why so many of the country’s poor are willing to take such a drastic step for the cash they need.

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