Vice: Evolution of a Plague / Campus Coverup

Last year, the worst Ebola outbreak in human history swept through West Africa, killing more than 10,000 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. The disease spread so quickly in part because the international community was slow to respond, and because the countries where Ebola surfaced lacked the infrastructure, funding, and street-level awareness to slow transmission of the virus. Danny Gold goes to West Africa to see how people there have stepped up to gain control of the outbreak, and to learn whether the world is prepared for the next major epidemic.

Then: media reports of sexual assaults on campuses have risen dramatically over the last few years. More and more survivors and their allies are stepping forward to denounce a pervasive culture of sexual violence that they say is out of control. But the controversy around the sheer number and frequency of these attacks has overshadowed a companion problem: that universities are handling these cases in their own make-shift justice systems, behind closed doors. Gianna Toboni visits American campuses to see what’s really going on, and why so few students feel that their safety is schools’ real priority.

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