Heart of Sky
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Heart of Sky

Playing in the minimal spaces between documentary and fiction, Heart of Sky is a moving portrait of the farming communities that cultivate and harvest Lebanese Red hashish in the Bekaa valley, between the mountains of eastern Lebanon.

Soundtracked by Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, the film is a blend of raw intimacy and cinematic transcendence paints a profound and elevated picture of the beating hearts and tender hands that work the fields of the illegal industry. The film points a lens that is at the same time acute and spectral, revealing glimpses of the realities behind the curtain of smoke.

Despite difficult working conditions and an existence that seems suspended between the valley and the sky, the people of the village live, love and labour with humble gratitude for the gifts of the earth, and with faith in God and in each other.

► Director Jessy Moussallem was given free rein to work with the music of Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, using sounds and samples. The film features numerous tracks from their new album ‘Heart of Sky’.

► Watch more 4:3 – fourthree.boilerroom.tv/

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