2001: Pressure Makes Diamonds
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2001: Pressure Makes Diamonds

Artist Kazim Rashid, in collaboration with 4:3, presents ‘2001: Pressure Makes Diamonds’. The tri-narrative film explores what Kazim calls the “so-called War on Terror and the destruction of global brown and muslim identities, following the catastrophic events of 2001”.

British Asian culture entered the mainstream at the dawn of the new millennium – from Goodness Gracious Me to Talvin Singh’s OK. But then everything changed. Explosive race riots in Oldham, Bradford and beyond were followed by the attacks on the World Trade Center, since then fear, suspicion and Islamophobia have forced Asian culture and Muslim identity into retreat.

Kazim posits that 2001 was a turning point, leading to “a post-traumatic fracture” of British Asian identity. In the 9-screen video work, he traces and juxtaposes three key events; three months of race riots in his home town in Oldham in the north-west of England, Muslim boxer Prince Naseem Hamed’s first loss and 9/11.

The powerful and provocative video piece is presented online exclusively on 4:3 as well as on show as an installation at Rich Mix for the duration of September: www.richmix.org.uk/events/exhibitions/2001-pressure-makes-diamonds

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