A rare glimpse into the operations of a guerrilla-style relief organization, formed in the aftermath of one of the deadliest disasters in modern history – the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.
Without substantial funding or a celebrity spokesperson, a group of young individuals resorts to an ‘ends justify the means’ method to deliver relief. Their ‘snatch and grab’ approach fits well in the chaos of post-earthquake Haiti, and what started out as a group of self-proclaimed troublemakers quickly turns into key players in the rescue and rebuilding of Haiti – saving numerous lives, earning respect from locals and gaining recognition from the largest organizations operating in the country.
As the dust settles over the ruins of Port au Prince , it reveals not only the massive scale of this disaster, but also the group members’ personal struggles that propelled them from the US to this ravaged city. Call for Help explores what makes volunteers cut loose from their lives and reach out to complete strangers while examining the tension between pure altruism and a helper’s high.

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