Murders of Hollywood (FULL DOCUMENTARY)
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Murders of Hollywood (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

Sensational and shocking stories from Hollywood are not always fiction. Beyond anything a screenwriter could imagine, and with cast of famous stars and celebrities, this documentary goes behind the scenes to explore the real-life stories of murders in Hollywood. From the silent era to the present day, out-of-control passions, burning hatreds, and the driving greed for gain have pushed many of the rich and famous over the edge into violence – to commit bloody murder or end up as the victims of murder. Featuring the stories behind infamous murders of: Virginia Rappe – Did famed comic Fatty Arbuckle commit the deed? William Desmond Taylor – Famed director whose murder was never solved…who did it? Thomas Ince – Died mysteriously on William Randolph Heart’s yacht…or was it murder? Thelma Todd – Was “Hot Toddy” murdered by the mob? Elizabeth Short – The Infamous “Black Dahlia”…a murder that has never been solved. Bugsy Siegel – The mobster that built Las Vegas gunned down in his Beverly Hills mansion. Johnny Stompanato – Lana Turner’s lover…killed by Lana’s daughter, or was he? Carl Switzer – Alfalfa from Little Rascals fame…killed for $50. Sharon Tate & Company – Murdered brutally by the Charles Manson gang. Sal Mineo – From “Rebel Without a Cause” fame, murdered on the streets of Hollywood, yet to be solved. Bob Crane – From “Hogan’s Heros” fame, murdered mysteriously…was it kinky sex gone bad? Dorothy Stratten – The Playboy bunny murdered by her former husband in a jealous rage. The Menendez Brothers – Slaughtered their own parents. Nicole Simpson – Did O.J. Simpson do the deed…or didn’t he?

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