The Principles of Curiosity

The Principles of Curiosity are a single set of Three steps anyone can follow to help decipher what’s true from what’s not. When we are handed a piece of news that purports to be science news, but we don’t know whether it’s true as reported, or possibly really exaggerated, or possibly even completely false, following these steps is more than likely going to give you an answer that you can be pretty confident about.

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The problem is not only that pop culture throws an incredible amount of bad information at us — mixed in with good information so thoroughly that we can hardly know which is which — it’s also that many people in the general public don’t have the tools to know how to examine this barrage. Indeed, many aren’t even aware that it should be examined — they reason that if the news is reporting a new science discovery that really shakes things up, well, then, consider them shaken up. Surely it wouldn’t have gotten on the news if it wasn’t well verified. Unfortunately, the simple fact is that caring whether a science report on the news is true or not just isn’t a priority in most people’s lives; and the result is that they go forward making decisions based on faulty information.

The Principles of Curiosity are intended to appeal to that crowd. Everyone is in favor of science, despite the quality of their tools or the depth of their knowledge. Everyone is curious about neat stuff we hear about, even though our thresholds for what gets our attention might be quite different. And so the Principles of Curiosity are for everyone.

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