Brothers on the Line
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Brothers on the Line

Brothers On The Line explores the extraordinary journey of the Reuther brothers – Walter, Roy, and Victor – union organizers whose unshakeable devotion led an army of workers into an epic human rights struggle. At the height of the Great Depression, the Reuthers are among a small band of trade unionists that take a stand against oppressive working conditions in the auto factories of Detroit and Flint, MI. Their bold work stoppages and coordinated sit-down strikes, facing intimidation and physical violence at the hand of company thugs, shatter a status quo of greed and discrimination. The rise of the United Auto Workers union and their hard-fought contract settlements result in unprecedented quality-of-life gains, provide a voice on the job, and contribute to lifting millions of workers to a middle-class living. As UAW President for nearly 3 decades, Walter is a skilled negotiator and orator, with his brothers as advisors on community, legislative, and international affairs. The Kennedy and Johnson administrations frequently seek their counsel and the union’s resources support Dr. King and the burgeoning civil rights movement. On the opposite side of this impassioned battle, a devious web of adversaries – corrupt company officials, organized crime, and conservative lawmakers – are threatened by the ambitious Reuther brothers and determined to silence them. Assassination attempts shake the family to its core. With increasing power and influence on the national stage, the incendiary trio face heart-wrenching consequences at the crossroads of their political loyalty and militant rank-and-file roots. Narrated by Martin Sheen, Brothers On The Line is a stirring personal story of sacrifice, triumph, and tragedy. The odyssey of the Reuther brothers is a microcosm of the American experience that resonates far beyond their era, from the automaker bailout and Detroit bankruptcy to debates over national healthcare, efforts to rebuild the middle-class, and the Occupy movement.

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