Fallen Angels: The True Cost of Sex Tourism
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Fallen Angels: The True Cost of Sex Tourism

Angeles City in the Philippines is a well-known sex tourism destination. There used to be an American air base here, but now it’s popular among mainly retired men who travel in search of sex for sale. Hundreds of local young women work in the bars and night clubs offering additional services for the money they desperately need to make ends meet and feed their families. The real victims though are the sex workers’ children, conceived by foreign travellers.
These children immediately stand out in the crowd, being of mixed-race here almost certainly means a child is the product of a liaison between a sex tourist and a call girl. They may stand out but they’re not unusual, within their communities there are many children of the sex trade. In most cases, the kids have never met their fathers who, after visiting for a brief holiday, either don’t know or care that their own offspring have been left behind. The burden of raising the children rests entirely on the shoulders of the already struggling mothers.
An RT Doc film crew visits Angeles City to meet the children abandoned by foreign sex tourist fathers. This programme reveals their lives and dreams and some heartfelt messages for the estranged fathers.

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