The Batman Shootings
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The Batman Shootings

In London’s Leicester Square, Amal Fashanu was one of the lucky ones with a ticket for the opening of the latest Batman film. Days later Amal was heading for Aurora, Colorado, after 12 people were shot dead by a lone gunman as they watched the same movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

In the first documentary on the latest gun massacre in the USA, Amal speaks to survivors, including Jansen Young, who lived because her boyfriend shielded her from bullets. Amal also discovers how the gunman tried to join a local rifle club in the weeks before the shootings.

Columbine, Virgina Tech and now Aurora and the Sikh temple in Milwaukee – the list of gun massacres in the USA grows ever longer. Amal speaks to young Americans about their attitude to gun ownership, which is protected by the US constitution. Amal finds out if young people think the state of Colorado should pass the death penalty on the gunman, James Holmes, who identified himself to police as The Joker.

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