Undercover Boss – Mandarin Restaurants S4 E6 (Canadian TV series)

Competition is cutthroat in Canada’s $23 billion restaurant industry. Tina Chiu, the Chief Operating Office of Mandarin Restaurants, is worried that the expansion of her giant all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet chain is at risk, and is prepared to radically change her appearance, to check out what’s really happening in her restaurants.

Undercover Boss – Wok Box S4 E10 (Canadian TV series)

After a four-year hiatus, Blair Stevens is back at the helm of fast-food favorite Wok Box. The company has gone through a turbulent time and they’ve had to close some locations. But can working in disguise under an assumed identity help the Co-Founder and Director get things back on track?

Undercover Boss – Calgary Transit S4 E7 (Canadian TV series)

Calgary Transit boss Doug Morgan struggles to cope when he joins his staff to work in disguise, cleaning vomit off buses, work in fume-filled garages, and face dangerous public confrontations. At the end of it all, he makes a surprising gesture that has one worker in tears.

Undercover Boss – Northlands S4 E1 (Canadian TV series)

Food Banks Canada is the national organization supporting food banks across the country. Executive Director Katharine Schmidt is going to change her identity and work in disguise to visit some food banks and food programs to understand the challenges they are facing and learn how she can better support their …